Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nosi 6-year anniversary installation

I was asked to do an art installation for Nosi Music's 6-year anniversary party at the National Underground a few weekes ago.

The party was a huge success, great music, great people and vibe. The installation consisted of about a dozen butterfly wings painted with the the Nosi Music logo and slogan: "no requests". They were hung around the underground club with some green fabric shreds knotted and hung from the ceiling to simulate jungle vines and plants.
the wings looked especially cool under black light and I addes some pillar candles to amp up the jungly-voodoo vibe.

Finally, partygoers were allowed to interact with the piece by actually removing the wings and wearing them on their backs via some elastic bands I attached for this purpose.

This was a great project, looking forward to more!! More pics will be up soon, these are the best I have for now, in the meantime check out the music and artist on Nosi label here: http://www.nosimusic.com/

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Artslant Profile

Artslant profile now up and running....