Thursday, July 17, 2008

just like a photo

Images have become disposable. Possibly because of this we often seem to have trouble investing in our decisions or anything at all that we may choose. In a rather victimizing way our societal convention is to take what's given to us. I don't mean to condemn all connections to vain behavior, they're merely symptoms of a larger disorder, but I do wish to find the means to make stronger statements. Without being overly critical, I believe there is much to be learned by objectification. So many people would rather choose a private struggle than a public humiliation as we search for that fortune, nirvana, or revolution always just out of reach. But to be afraid of what you might "look like" while doing it seems to me an irrational fear. In the same way people shy away from the camera len,s many of us shy away from taking the "harder route". However, fear is the ultimate teacher, a natural state and a tool. We all fear the unknown; fear is our common denominator.
In this way I believe that people often fear the abstract, the borderline or the hard to understand. In my own works, what is veiled may or may not have meaning in the first place, the veiwer will never know. Is that not-knowing feeling a form of fear? It is at least uneasiness.
Through comforting familarity the photograph remains to most the purest visual record of a concrete moment in time.